Baby food jar light catchers

Oh, I had so much fun last week! I was out at my workbench drilling holes in my saved baby food jars to make these pretty little crystal hangers for Christmas presents.
Be sure you wear your safety goggles before you begin drilling. I used a very small bit made specifically for glass and tile. I didn’t press down hard on the jars. I let the weight of the drill do that work for me. Pressing down hard will crack the jar. You only need about a quarter inch hole or even smaller, when your done. I put the jar in my vice grip with an old towel to cushion it and only adjusted the handle to hold it snugly in place. Too tight and you’ll break it, obviously. 😉

After I got done drilling the holes, it took some hit-and-miss education to figure out how to do this easily.

So you have your quarter inch hole in the bottom and it’s time to do decorate the jar with your flat sided marbles. I put them around the threaded part of the jar to cover up the threads.

I used the Loctite clear silicon for this. And the longer it sits, the firmer it gets at holding things in place. That gives you time to bake bread (ha! that’s a joke) or do laundry or look through your stash for stuff to decorate your jars. But don’t start stringing your beads until the silicon is totally set up. Overnight is my suggestion. And don’t put your fancy pieces on (in my case, I used old earrings that had no mates) until you’ve strung your beads and crystals in place.

The easiest way to string the crystal beads and the chandelier crystal at the end is this way:
Cut a piece of 26 gauge wire about a foot long and gently fold it in half so you have a small loop at the end.

example of loop

This prevents the beads from falling off as you string them on and gives you something to attach the big chandelier bead to or you can string crystals together to make an icicle as I’ve done on one of my jars.  (I’m trying not to buy more craft stuff until I use up what I already have.) You’ll want this to hang just to about the mouth of the jar. This will go on the inside of your jar and then thread it through your little hole in the bottom. It will take 3 or 4 more crystals before you’re ready to bend the wire and make a loop to hang your chain from.

Ana's birthday present

Lins Xmas

Because the beads are all glass, I don’t recommend you hang them outside in the wind or weather.  But they do look really nice hanging in a sunny kitchen window.


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